Grimas face paint

Grimas face paint

Grimas face painting supplies

Welcome to Grimas paints from Show Makeup.

Grimas professional face paint is miles better than the cheap, toy shop variety. It is firstly safer. Grimas pure face paints contain no perfume which can cause allergic reactions and the colours are from the strictest EU category for cosmetics, EEC/76/768. Grimas face paints are safe to use around the eyes and mouth.

Grimas face paints are highly pigmented so they have excellent covering power. This makes them very economical for use in professional face painting.  The colours are rub-resistant yet easy to remove with tepid water and skin wash.

As well as the paints themselves, you can get excellent quality brushes, sponges and glitter in this section.

You can save even more by buying your face paints in a kit. The kits are always considerably cheaper than the value of their contents. Kits make great gifts too.

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