80s makeup

The 80s were the age of consumerism and the era of power dressing with big shoulder pads, big hair, big sunglasses and even bigger phones. Sun tans were still fashionable in the 80s, at least at the beginning of the decade.

Mostly the makeup was brown. Lots of brown. Brown blusher, brown eye shadow and brown lipstick were all popular. Bronzing powder appeared on the market in the early 80s and became almost universal over a tanned base. It's too shiny to use on stage as it is, but you can get the effect by choosing a lightly tanned base like 1027 or LE and, after powdering the base, put just a touch of bronzing powder on your cheek bones and down the centre of your nose.

Of course, if you don't want to look tanned, your normal stage base is fine. ie. 1002 stage women but don't go goth just yet.

Deep brown eye shadow, although very popular in the 80s can make your eyes look smaller on stage. It's best to stick to a pale brown on the eyelid like 520 pale camel and keep the dark browns like 880 and red/browns 568 for the socket shadow and under the eyes.

Eyebrow powder can be used. 566 is a good deep brown for this. Eyebrow shaping was not generally done.

Brown lipstick can look odd under stage lights but a good plum or aubergine colour like 5-23 will give the right period look.

Of course, there was plenty of exciting makeup on the club scene and here are some examples:


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