Jacqueline Quinn - makeup artist

I thoroughly enjoyed helping Jaqueline with these brilliant makeup designs for The Wizard of Oz characters

Makeup schedule

Miss Gulch and the Witch

The challenge here is that the actor has to be made up as Miss Gulch and be transformed into the witch later. Jacqueline's method is to use coloured powder for the foundation to make it quicker to remove when fitting the prosthetics for the witch.

Miss Gulch:

  • Grimas coloured makeup powder for the base
  • Pale lips e.g. Grimas lipstick  5-10 cyclamen
  • Pale eye shadow e.g. Grimas eye shadow 380 light blue
  • Emphasis eyebrows lightly with Grimas 566 brown eyebrow pencil
  • Slight shading to lower cheeks to ‘hollow’ them out with a light brown eyeshadow like Grimas medium pale camel blush 521 on a large brush.

As The Witch:-

  • Remove the powder base and cleanse the face with Grimas cleansing lotion
  • Apply chin and nose prosthetic set 50
  • Colour the face with Grimas 404 moss green water makeup
  • Use a mix of 101 black and 103 grey eye shadow to shade the eyes
  • 1075 brick red water based make up to line lower lids and 101 black to upper lid
  • Apply second green coat of face paint
  • Make the huge eyebrows with black water makeup using the lower brow line for the lower edge and extend upwards
  • Lips 504 - red face paint or 5-4 bordeaux lipstick
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