80s Grapeful Dead

80s Grapeful Dead

Bold purple grape post-punk 80s makeup look

A warm base of 1002 stage women skin tone will look good under the lights and complements the charcoal blue eye shadow - colour code 385 and grape red blusher - colour code 547.

Use plenty of 101 black kohl pencil to accentuate those eyes and some old red lipstick 5-7 finished off with 00 clear gloss to complete the post-punk look.

Charcoal blue eye shadow - Grimas colour code 385
Grimas pressed powder charcoal blue eye shadow. Apply it with a soft eye shadow brush.
Grape red blusher - colour code 547
Use this Grimas pressed powder for a beautiful grape red blusher. Apply it with a big soft brush.
15ml 1002 stage women cream makeup
Apply Grimas 1002 stage women cream makeup with a latex sponge or your finger. Set it with transparent or coloured powder.