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Grimas camouflage makeup

About us

Here at ShowMakeup we love makeup. We've been selling professional quality makeup since 1997 and using it ourselves for even longer.

Our message is that professional makeup is not just for professionals. Anyone can use it and benefit from the higher quality and better value. It is simply better than fancily packaged high street cosmetics and more economical too.

We specialise in two of the top European brands:

Grimas makeup

Grimas is a small-scale Dutch company and we are very impressed by how carefully they source the ingredients to make their makeup. They use the purest forms of the raw materials and make sure they comply with the strictest European legislation. Grimas is a highly ethical company when it comes to product safety, employment, animal testing and marketing. Grimas is simply the best and safest makeup you can buy.

Kryolan makeup

In recent years we have added the highly impressive Kryolan products to our range. Kryolan have been supplying the film, theatre and television industries for over 70 years, which makes them one of the world's primary professional make-up brands.


We're the people to ask about makeup. There''s plenty of advice on our website and you are very welcome to contact us any of the links below if you want help with any makeup problems.

At Showmakeup, you can speak to someone in person to get the help and advice you need.