Comparing colours

Compare a colour

Comparing colours

It's fairly easy to compare different colours if they are on the same page, but what if you have to scroll up and down to see the colours you are interested in or even go to another page?

That's where "Product compare" comes in handy. Find the colours you are interested in and click the bar that says "Add to compare". You can choose up to four colours from anywhere on our web site to your comparison.

The comparison page

Each time you add a colour, you see a confirmation message. You don't have to close this message box. It will go away as soon as you click outside it. The message box is a quick way to see your comparisons. Just click the phrase "product comparison". There is also a product compare button on each page which is another way to get to the comparison page.

The product comparison shows your choices side by side and you can add the ones you want to your shopping cart or remove one or more colours and go to find some more to compare.


Not just colour comparison

Of course you can use the product compare function to see any items you want. It is not limited to comparing colours.