Eye shadow

Eye shadow

Grimas Professional eye shadow covers wonderfully thanks to its high colour content. It comes in a huge range of true matt colours from 'barely there' nude shades to intense reds, blues, pinks, greens and purples.

Then there are the pearl eye shadows too. You can use Grimas glossy pearl eye shadows for a super shimmer effect, ranging from delightful pinks and lilacs to brilliant copper, silver and gold metallic colours. You can mix both matt and pearl colours to get even more shades. If you just need to reduce the intensity of a colour, mix in a little Grimas transparent or fixing powder.

It's not just eye shadow. Here are three more uses:

  • Eye liner - You can mix Grimas eye shadow with Grimas cleansing lotion to make your own custom eyeliner in any of 60 plus different shades.
  • Colouring eyebrows - You can use it on a mascara wand or brush for colouring and sculpting eyebrows
  • Lip shimmer - You can use pearl eye shadow over lipstick. It fixes the lipstick and makes it shimmer too

Tips for using Grimas eye shadow:

  • Use a brush or sponge applicator to get the powder out of the pot and spread it on the back of your hand. Working from the back of your hand, makes it easier to control the amount and you can easily judge the effect of mixing or lightening colours.
  • To remove it, use Grimas cleansing milk or Grimas pure mineral oil makeup remover. Cleanse after removal with Grimas cleansing lotion.

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