Kryolan Aquacolor

Kryolan Aquacolor

Kryolan Aquacolor Makeup

Aquacolor has a very high level of colour so it covers very well. Use it as a general face and body makeup for stage, photographic and media work. Aquacolor dries fast to a perfect matt finish which does not need powdering. You can buff it with a soft towel if you want a silky sheen finish.

Apply Aquacolor with a damp sponge in thin layers building up the colour to the depth you need. For most situations, no fixing is required but, for extreme conditions, cake eye liner sealer, setting spray or antishine will prevent the makeup moving.

Aquacolor resists smudging very well and it can be removed readily with soap and water or makeup remover.

The colour range is very wide and includes colours for stage, photography, media and wedding makeup. Aquacolor is ECARF* certified.

*European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation

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