Grimas Pure lipstick

Grimas Pure lipstick

Grimas Pure lipstick for sensitive lips

Grimas Pure lipstick is gluten-free and essentially unperfumed*. This colour-intensive lipstick has no chemical preservatives.

*Grimas Pure lipstick does contain fruit essence for flavour and this is legally required to be declared as a perfume.

Apply Grimas Pure lipstick with a brush for the best results. The sable lipstick brush L4 is ideal for this. Remove with Grimas pure mineral oil makeup remover.

Grimas Lipstick LB 12 colour palette
The LB palette is a useful starting palette containing many of the red, orange and earth shades used in general and stage makeup
Grimas Lipstick LF 12 colour palette
The LF palette has more adventurous shades inluding violets, pinks and strong reds.
Grimas Lipstick LK 24 colour palette
Get the best of both worlds by getting both LB and LF together at a significant saving on buying the two on their own.
Lipstick twist tube 3.5 gm 5-29 red brown
Professional quality lipstick in handy twist up 3.5g tubes. Use a sableL4 lip brush for best results.