Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup from Showmakeup

Makeup for Halloween zombies, vampires, witches and ghouls

Zombie makeup

Look for the zombie colours like Grimas 1007 or W2 or PaleFlesh or the Kryolan zombie colour wheel. Add some Dermawax, fresh scratch and blood B, mix in a pair of zombie grey contacts and you're off and shambling!

Vampire makeup

We like pale vampires. Grimas G0 is good and so is the Kryolan corpse colour wheel. Try a little Grimas 704 silver eyeshadow as a blusher on those cold vampire cheeks.

Witch makeup

Witches are green, or are they? We've seen some very dramatic grey and blue witch makeup too. Anyway, we've put in both colours in this section. Look for witch noses and chins too.

Ghoulish makeup

Hey ho with the blood and gore here plus the liquid latex.

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