Principal boy makeup

Principal boy makeup

Makeup for Principal Boy

Commercial pantomimes may have abandoned the Principal Boy in favour of male heroes, but she still stars supreme in many excellent amateur shows

My suggestions for Principal Boy are aimed at a strong female character makeup

  • I suggest a slightly darker base than usual to strengthen the face
  • Eyebrows should be strong and shapely
  • Lipstick should define the lips without false colour - 5-4 Bordeaux will do the trick
  • Blusher can be high and angular to emphasise and strengthen the cheek bones
Eyebrow fixer
Use the brush to apply a thin layer of Eyebrow Fixer to the eyebrows. Use the brush to fix the hairs in the right direction. You can repeat the process several times, each time only using a little of the fixer. Eyebrow fixer contains ethanol which needs careful use. Pleae read and follow the safety notes for products containing ethanol. SAFETY NOTES for products containing ethanol: Ethanol is highly flammable. Do not use near naked flame. Use on eyebrows only. Do not use near the eyes. Do not use at all if you are or think you might be pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on the mucous membranes Frequent use may dehydrate the skin so use a moisturiser afterwards Very irritating to the eyes. In the case of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse at length with water and consult a doctor.
Synthetic mongoose round brush - Grimas code IMR1
Rounded to a fine 1mm tip for excellent control when applying eye makeup
Makeup sponge round for water based and cake
Makeup sponge round for water based and cake
Eyelash GR101 Gemma - lite normal lash
Light weight real hair eyelashes
Bordeaux blusher - colour code 545
Use this Grimas pressed powder for a beautiful bordeaux blusher. Apply it with a big soft brush.
Very dark brown contour - colour code 566
Use this Grimas pressed powder for a softly blendable very dark brown contour. Apply it with a big soft brush.
15ml 1006 lighter women cream makeup
Apply Grimas 1006 lighter women cream makeup with a latex sponge or your finger. Set it with transparent or coloured powder.