Crepe hair

Crepe hair

Grimas Professional crepe hair for makeup artists and hairdressers

Grimas Professional crepe hair is a woven strand of pieces of wool that you can use to make beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns. It comes in lengths of approx. 1 metre.

Use Grimas Mastix to stick the crepe hair. Waterbased is fine for small pieces. Use Extra Strong for bigger jobs or where perspiration is likely to be a problem.

Crepe hair is also used for concealing the edges of a ready-made fake beard and for creating a stubble effect. When concealing the edges of a false beard, Grimas recommend working with pieces of crepe hair at least 5cm in length. For stubble, chop crepe hair into small pieces, spread Grimas Stubble Paste on the face and use a large, dry brush to dab the chopped hair in place.

The different colours can be mixed together and you can add more colour (nicotine stain etc.) with Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge.

White crepe is used to wrap the ends of the hair in professional permanent waving.