Latex face extensions

Latex face extensions

Grimas Professional 3D face extensions

The Grimas range of latex face extensions includes false noses, chins and other specialised shapes. The noses and other latex face extensions all have fine feather edges to help you blend them seamlessly onto the actor's face.

How to fit a latex face extension

Latex face extensions are easy to apply. You'll need some of our extra strong glue and the remover. If it is your first go, allow a bit time to get it right. Stuck on correctly, the extension will feel perfectly secure.

You can find full details of how to fit a false nose on Graham's blog. The same principles apply to other types of latex face extension.

Latex nose 1 normal
Average shaped western nose
Latex nose 2 strawberry
Nose with promiment open pores. Perfect for portraying heavy drinkers.
Latex nose 3 hook
A prominently hooked nose
Latex nose 4 witch
Witch nose with wart
Latex nose 5 turned up
A turned up nose
Latex nose 6 clown medium
Our most popular clown nose
Latex nose 7 pinnochio
A long angular nose for the wooden boy.
Latex nose 8 devil
A devilishly sharp and severe nose
Latex nose 9 clown large
A prominent clown nose in red
Latex nose 10 cyrano large
Our largest Cyrano de Bergerac nose
Latex nose 11 cyrano small
A more manageable Cyrano de Bergerac nose
Latex nose 12 dog snout
Suitable for flat faced breeds such as bloodhounds and pugs
Latex eye setting 13 for artificial eye
Designed to accept a false eye for characters such as Quasimodo
Latex nose 14 liquor
A drinkers nose
Latex nose 15 reptile snout
A nose for reptilian aliens and the like