Grimas Cake makeup

Grimas Cake makeup

Cake makeup is very quick to use. You just apply it with a damp sponge. It goes on easily and you can remove it with normal washing, although we'd recommend a cleanser and skin care too. You need to make sure cake is going on to a grease-free skin so use cleansing lotion first.

The speed which you can get with cake is great for large cast shows, dance and school productions and because it covers large areas quickly it is perfect for making up arms, legs and torso etc. If you are using cream makeup on the face, you can get an exact colour match by getting the same colour code.

Cake dries completely matt, making it very useful for television, film and photography and as a base for face painting with Grimas professional face paints.

Cake makeup is comes in 35 gm containers. This should be enough to cover 50-60 faces. Trained makeup artists usually get more coverage.

Grimas professional cake makeup comes in a very large range of colours including black, white, off-white, grey and skin tones from light to very dark.

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